Bringing Consumers Into Focus

Insight Rooms isolates and organizes consumers and their conversations into “clean rooms” for focused analysis.

As a result, analysts get to spend quality time with opinions and attitudes from different types of people, and gain insights that represent the full population.

This is how we translate conversations into insights.

Isolate and organize consumers into Insight Rooms


Our unique methodology helps you set up a study in which parameters are drawn around any customer set or topic you want to focus on.


We organize consumers and conversations into Insight Rooms and then ‘survey’ their conversations to gain a deep understanding of consumer attitudes on your topic of focus.


You get quantitatively-relevant charts that represent the full population, and can be cross-tabulated for segmentation based on consumer profiles, archetypes, opinions or behaviors.


Brand Analysis studies are commonly done for Marketers, Product Teams, Strategic Planners, and Financial Analysts to understand how a community of Customers and Prospects feels about a brand.

  • Are they happy as customers?
  • Are they likely to continue to be customers?
  • What are they happy or unhappy about?
  • What are the issues and topics that drive these feelings?


Topic Analysis studies are performed to understand macro issues and trends across a given marketplace. This type of analysis is an illustration of the landscape. We call this a ‘Who, What and Why?’ analysis.

  • Who is making different purchase decisions?
  • What is changing in customers’ lives, in the community, or in the overall economy which is affecting these decisions, and, consequently, affecting the way products are moving in a market?


Campaign Analysis studies are performed to understand the impact various campaign content have had on a community. This content can include digital assets, events or any other communication form. Many forms of content can drive shallow interactions, but marketers strive to understand if campaigns actually move communities to feel or behave a certain way.

A new kind of research for today’s world:
immediate, customizable, flexible, repeatable.